Design ($50-$80/hour)

Before the code for your website is ready to be written, the site must first be designed. In our mobile world, responsive design is the only way to go, but it also means that your site will have essentially 3 different looks - computer, tablet, and mobile. You will be charged per hour for design, and it usually takes about 6 hours to create a responsive design, more if there are significant changes. Once the design is completed, it will be sent to you as a .pdf for your approval.

If needed, the designer can also create logos and other graphic materials for you - this will also be charged at an hourly rate. If you already have a graphic designer, the programmer can work with him/her on designing the site or creating graphic materials. If you are particularly web-savvy, you may also do your own sketch to give to the programmer.

Web pages consist primarily of text and images. It is highly recommended that you provide both. Text and images can be provided in any format, although digital is preferred. If providing digital images, please provide the highest quality image that you can obtain. If you have lower quality images, it would be better to provide a hard-copy or physical version that will be scanned. You must have permission to use all images.

If you would like the programmer to create/edit the text or to create/find images that are usable, the cost is $10/hour of work in addition to any fees for purchasing the rights to images.

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