Nearest Publishing provides individuals, educators and non-profits with a variety of music services to fulfill just about any music-related need that might arise.

Below is a basic overview of the services offered followed by a price list and a detailed description of the music writing services and the music library services. If you have further questions, do not hestitate to contact us.

Music Writing

The music writing services of Nearest Publishing feature the musical genius of composer Eric Near. Some of the services offered include writing commissioned pieces of original compositions or arrangements, songwriting, and other services, such as transpositions, transcriptions, editing and publishing.

Music Libraries

There are two music library services offered by Nearest Publishing.

If you have a physical library of scores and parts, the music will be organized and a database will be created for you so that you can easily access, sort and search all information pertaining to your sheet music.

If you have a digital library of mp3's, they will be organized into folders. Any missing information will be added to the metadata of the files, including album covers if available, composer information, guest artists, etc. A database of your files and their metadata can also be created at your request.

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