Nearest Publishing provides individuals, non-profits, churches, schools and small businesses with a complete, cost-efficient & effective website solution. We offer a custom, built-from-scratch website to fill your exact needs and will maintain your site at a very low cost.

Your website goes through several different processes before it goes live - it must be designed and written in a programming language, your domain name must be registered, and your site must be hosted. Even after your website is complete, it may require additional maintenance.

Below is a basic overview of these processes, followed by a price list and a detailed description of the design process. If you have further questions, do not hestitate to contact us.

Design & Programming

The process begins with the programmer meeting with you to discuss your cost options and to create a sitemap, a navigational guide to your website. The sitemap and all graphic materials are then passed on to the graphic designer, who creates a digital mock-up of your website. Once approved, the design is implemented by the programmer, and once finished, your website is published online.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Nearest Publishing also takes care of purchasing and renewing your domain name, which basically is your website url. Once published online, your website is hosted through BlueHost, a reputable and well-known hosting service.


After your website is published, you will likely need additional help maintaining your site - making changes, adding new links, deleting outdated material, etc. Nearest Publishing provides the option of ongoing maintenance for as long as you need it, as well as being available to answer any questions or solve any problems that you may have with your website. We do not provide content management systems if you wish to make your own updates, but we will work with you on finding a solution that meets your needs and can help build a website for you on a content management system like WordPress.


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